Busy But Boundless, Brown & Blooming

Do you ever just get that feeling like you’re just doing too much? Not enough time in the day, too much to do so little time? OMG me too! Its literally draining. Class here, work there, fit some homework in now, movie with the girls later. Don’t forget to pay that bill! Start working on that paper, call back that recruiter and put yourself out there girl! Call it and claim it, it’s yours! Make an effort to get in your squats and sit ups for the day, make healthy eating choices throughout the day. And lastly please don’t forget to make sure you get that 8 hours of sleep!!!

Now all of you know I could have went on and on, but dang’, does it ever stop? I could complain all day but the truth is I don’t know where I’d be without my planner that keeps me going every day. Everyday whether it feels like it or not deep down inside I know that I am working towards a better tomorrow.

I am Boundless because there is not one boundary or challenge I will allow to hold me back or defeat me. Every single obstacle is either a challenge or an opportunity for me to learn from or grow from. This busy lifestyle is what I have to endure in the meantime until it’s time to enjoy the fruits of thy labor.

I am Brown and proud. Black girl magic, black and educated, and black is beautiful are phrases and trends that only reflect a small image of me. I am so much more you all just don’t know!

I am Blooming into the most beautiful butterfly that only my eye can see. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Every persons version of growth is different, and is at their pace and speed. What matters most is that we all get there. So make sure you get that 8 hours tonight and get back at it tomorrow! Time waits for no one.



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