Me, Myself, and My Adventurous Self

So today my intentions were to write such a great blog post for you all to read, because my very first blog was just flowing from my soul, through my mind right into my fingertips! But today I don’t know what’s going on lol, maybe writers block? But I have a great urge to tell you more about myself, so I think I’ll do just that.

Fun Facts About Na’ndi

For starters, my father named me after an African Queen of the Zulu Tribe, her name was Na’ndi and it means “Mother of Warriors.” I absolutely LOVE to cook! Well I love to eat too, but cooking soothes me especially because Pinterest is my best friend. I found this passion in art and painting and I try to find time at least once a month to do so. That would usually include a glass of wine to get my juices flowing! I love love love fish, I hope to someday have a huge salt water tank in my house, custom built.

Why I Love To Travel

The very first trip I had ever taken outside of the U.S. was supposed to be in route to Ghana, West Africa, but this was in January of 2015 and some might remember the Ebola outbreak. That quickly and non-hesitantly rerouted my trip to Jamaica. I did not know that this would be such an eye opening experience. I went on this trip as a Travel-Study with my university and because of this a lot of our daily activities and plans were already planned out. I did so much it’s hard to even think of a few. From climbing up a water fall, to visiting both a fruit and slave plantation, to hanging out and teaching a small class lesson to some local school kids. It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. I told myself I would come back, nobody ever wants to leave when they first visit someplace outside of the country. And that was me, I reflected so much on my flight home, I just knew that it would happen.

So Far..

So far I’ve been to Jamaica, and a ton of places within the Unites States. Including NOLA, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, South Dakota, Kentucky, Indiana, and of course Illinois (Birth place), and Wisconsin (raised). Hm.. I wonder if Florida counts. I was there when I went to Disney World when I was younger. But, I won’t count that!

Every Country I Wish To Visit In My Life

Definitely every single one if it were up to me, let’s be real!

My Bucket List

To be completely truthful, my bucket list changes all the time. But I practiced French from like 6th grade up until my freshman year of college. So I’ve always wanted to visit a French speaking country. Paris for sure, Ghana would have been another. Have I mentioned how much I love fish? I want to visit Australia and go scuba diving in the Coral Reef. Hawaii, I really want to learn how to surf, or at least try LOL. Those are definitely my top three.

My Travel Plans for This Year

This year has me SO excited! Some of my best girlfriends and I headed to Myrtle Beach for spring break. That means I can add South Carolina to the list! Whoot Whoot! I am also going to Paris, France in April. That should be quite eventful all by itself. It might call for its own blog post… Stay tuned! Some of my closest girlfriends are graduating this May and they were thinking of going to Miami Florida, then a cruise through the Bahamas. My family is planning a trip this summer back to Jamaica, but this time it’s with my family and siblings which could make all the difference! Hoping I can show them a few things this time around. Lastly, it’s still in the planning and deciding stages but I’m hoping to study abroad for my last semester in Barcelona, Spain!!!

I completely loose myself when traveling someplace new, I find myself more. I’m more okay with being alone, I’m more of a risk taker, more adventurous, more lively and fun. I’m a whole new me that I’ve been out of touch with since the last time I’ve traveled its so weird. If you have the opportunity, GO. Don’t second guess a thing. Just make it happen and your life, your perspective, your soul will forever be changed.

Until Next time folks! Muah!


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