You’re Already It! So Own It!

So, these last two weeks I have most definitely been on this journey of finding myself. My thoughts have been consumed with the usual keeping up with course work, producing quality work for my employers, and making sure that above everything else that I’m getting enough sleep and eating healthy. But on top of this, my thoughts have been taken over by my future self. By this I mean, my thoughts have taken on this form of a personal trainer. That personal trainer being me, but a future me, a successful, happy and free me.

Bear with me! LOL I know this may sound nuts, but it’s true! I have always been an entrepreneurial minded individual. Lately, I have not only been making personal goals for myself but I’ve written them down, and have been making the right moves to achieve them. I’m not sure if this is a Millennial trait or if it just sparks in individual people as their fate; but I know for a FACT that I cannot, and will not work at a desk, from nine to five, until I plan to retire. It’s just not going to happen, and isn’t written in the books for me (and if it was I’ll happily tear out that page LOL), plain and simple.

I have been struggling with this phrase “There’s just not enough time in a day,” and I’ve realized that this is only an obstacle that we have created in our minds. There are 24 hours in a day, the average person would get eight hours of sleep. Spend eight to ten hours at work or school, or whatever you may be involved in. However, there’s still 8 hours left after you’ve finished everything else. Finding ways to prioritize your time is crucial if you want to make this dream you’ve created in your mind a reality.

My dreams and aspirations may be totally different from yours, but that does not make my goals harder to accomplish than yours. I truly hope that you know and believe that this person that you want to be, you already are! These goals you plan to accomplish, its right there in front of you! You’ve just got to be diligent, consistent, and committed to doing the work to enjoy all the fruits of thy labor.

I’ve come up with some activities to do to assure you’re making the right moves

  1. Read, doesn’t matter what it is. I would suggest reading content relevant to the things that you’re trying to accomplish. Being well-informed and intelligent is priceless, doesn’t cost anything to pick up a book.
  2. Network, you’ve heard it and so have I. Your network is your net-worth. Most times it’s not what you know but WHO you know, that may be the factor that changes everything! Get out of your comfort zone and make yourself known!
  3. Cleanse; get rid of everything that distracts you, that is negative to you, and irrelevant to your vision. Go through your Facebook and go on a deleting spree of people who don’t add value to your life, post or share content that’s useful to your development. Go on a 30-Day Social Media Fast. Distant yourself from those friends who aren’t on your level of ambition, don’t abandon them just limit interaction.
  4. Be YOU, I’ve struggled for years trying to figure out who I am. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I was too concerned about others and their opinions of me. Become bold and unbothered with others opinions of you. It’s all about one’s authenticity.

Remember, you’re already this person you aspire to be! Just keep grinding. – Catch Ya Later Gators, Na’ndi

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