Life Writes Your Best Material – (Sailesh Jaiwan)

Working for Career & Leadership Development at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater has opened up many opportunities for me; I can’t even begin to list them all. One of them being given the opportunity to attend the NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) Northern Plains conference in St. Paul Minnesota. This conference is pretty much showcase central! Bringing together a ton of campus reps who facilitate their campus activities as marketing communications. Every couple hours we are able to watch a wide array of entertainers from singers/song writers, magicians, comedians and hypnotics to poets, bands, dancers, and dating doctors 🤔! If there was any conference that I considered to have changed my views on the term “conference” it’s definitely NACA Northern Plains hands down.

The reason why I’m writing to you all today Is due to a Ed Session (educational session) that I attended today. It was called “Life Writes our Best Material” and it was being presented by Sailesh Jaiwan; a hypnotist that never once considered he’d live out his days hypnotizing people for a living and actually loving it and making life changing relationships along the way. The reason this title first appealed to me is because I have really found a passion in blogging and writing for you all. It’s so ironic because I never liked writing papers for my courses. But I was hoping that this session would shed more light on my new found hobby and enable me to dig deeper in my writing.

However this session did the exact opposite. It confirmed that everything I’ve written so far has not been random, with any topic or tips. My blogs so far has been about my own life experiences, and it makes me so happy when I live it because I’m so excited to share it with all of you! The main message I received from this session is not to 100 percent believe what you THINK you want to do with your life or career will come to be. Although having those hopes and dreams may be everything that you ever wanted and you’re going to do everything to get there, life is funny in the way it alters your path. Your journey will be changed whether you like it or not, but in the long run you may come to realize that life turned out better than you had hoped, worked, and dreamed it would be. On another note, don’t discount every person that you meet. That person may not seem, in that moment, like someone that may add value to your life. But that may very well be the biggest mistake of your life as well. Thank you Sailesh.

Small advice from my grandmother, “Remember to enjoy the simple things in life” -Johnnie Mae Rice
#NACA #NACANPL #UWW #LifeWritesYourBestMaterial 


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