Happiness is…. Having Finished All of Your Final Exams : How to Prepare to Reach Freedom

Oh, the stress that comes along when Final Exams are near. “Oh my goodness, I love finals so so much,” said no student EVER. Don’t be fooled, the times of final exams are exciting only because that means freedom is near. But besides that, it can be a total nightmare that you’ve been dreading for the last 4 months. Well since the semester started to be perfectly honest.

Realizing that there is absolutely no way out of passing exams without taking the exams, here are a few tips to guide you through your last days!

  1. Get Organized

Get your classes together. Figure out what dates your exams are on. What chapters are your exams on, what assignments are due soon, get them in! Make sure to communicate with your employers if you can or cannot work, or to move around your hours.

  1. Find Your Accountability Team!

Gather your closest friends, call the library a request a booking for a private room to study in. Play music, something to keep you awake but plan to stay there for at least 5 hours or until you finish at least three assignments or study topics. Be sure that your friends do the same. I firmly stand by the statement that no student finishes college without friends, it’s impossible!

  1. Worried About Your Final Grade? Calculate It!

This may be hard to explain over a blog post but to make it easier go see your professor! They more than willing to help you calculate. But more importantly open an excel file with them and have them show you how to calculate your score! It’s so easy to do but yet hard to explain over a blog post.

  1. Don’t Allow Yourself to Become Overwhelmed

Be sure to take a break! Binge watch on a couple Netflix TV show, go see the movie “Snatched” starring Amy Schumer that’s coming out this Friday and laugh your butt off. Make it a point to attend your friend’s graduation party, or just relax and take a nap. You deserve to have fun too, it’s not all about stress and worry! Self Care, and Self Love is important!

Being a college student is never easy but that diploma in your hand is well worth it! Keep at it Warhawks!

Let the countdown begin, 26 days and counting (Until Exams Begin)!

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