Baby Fever: It’s Okay!

I have a SERIOUS case of baby fever!! And I really can’t knock it! And you know what? That is A’Okay and I’m going to enjoy it and you should too! Stinky toes, googly eyes, and slobbery kisses are everything I need right now! Nearly everyone around me is expecting or have just given birth and I am at awe!

Ladies… and Gentlemen (YES gentlemen experience baby fever too!) It is totally OKAY to be so filled with joy when surrounded by babies.  Baby fever is a Real Emotion people! I sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not ready yet but seriously! Who is ever completely and truly ready?

So, if you’re feeling all jazzed up and ready to get hot and bothered to “try” to make a baby, but deep down you know it’s not time… LOL… here are a few tips on how to get all the baby time you need without having to call one your own just YET 😉

  1. Go to your friend, or close family member and tell them you need to rub their belly! Only if you you’re certain their expecting.
  2. While you’re in line at the grocery store take a few minutes to lock eye contact with that baby in front of you and engage in those silly faces to pull that silly giggle out! You’re bound to giggle yourself!
  3. Take that baby off that Mommy’s hands for a couple hours. I’m sure you’ll get all the pooh, pee, and spit up you’ll need to remind you… not just yet 😉
  4. Go to the store, and buy just a few baby outfits, and give them away to expecting mothers just because!
  5. Have SEX!…. PROTECTED sex of course! Nothings better than pretending like you’re making a baby. Well other than actually making one of course!

If this doesn’t help I’m sure there are countless other ways to cure the fever! After all, there are babies born every second of everyday! So, go find one to spoil and cuddle with!

Catch Ya Later – Na’ndi H.


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